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Concrete pour on construction siteWe offer safety solutions through:

Health and Safety Program Development:

We create programs that are relevant, realistic, effective and customized to your needs. By balancing safety, quality and productivity, we successfully integrate Health and Safety into other management systems.

Our goal is to improve the efficiency of your Health and Safety management system through our innovative technology. We work with your staff to create ownership of the safety program. We believe that safety is about people, relationships and communication, and we will work with your crew to empower them to make safe decisions on the jobsite.

Injury Management:

Effective claims management is imperative to ensure that frequency and durations stay as low as possible. We create Injury Management programs that facilitate rehabilitation and return to work. Our leadership in Injury Management will save your company money in the long term.

On-Site Safety Management:

Victoria discussing with workerOur team of safety specialists will take care of your safety program on the job site. We will conduct inspections, safety meetings, on-site safety training, worker orientations, emergency planning and manage your safety documentation and records.

We differ from typical safety consultants who provide information at exorbitant rates, and then leave you to implement the program on your own.

Our team of safety experts offer an affordable and practical solution. We will take care of the details of your safety program and save you time, money and frustration.

Gap Analysis and Consulting:

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there!” A gap analysis will assist you in setting benchmarks for your Health and Safety Management system. A systematic examination of your Health and Safety program is the only way to determine whether your program is meeting your company objectives.

Our consultants can assist you in creating vision and direction for your safety program. When we know where we are and where we want to go, it is easy to draw a map to get there. Let us help you move your company towards Health and Safety excellence.


Training is critical to Health and Safety Management. We offer the following training programs.

  • Leadership in Supervision:

    The Supervisor is the hinge pin in creating a safe work site. Supervisors are often put into a leadership role without adequate training and understanding of their legal responsibilities. Supervisors are the critical link in the profit making process and much is expected of them. Often supervisors do not know how to balance productivity and safety. Our one day training course will give them the tools required to make safe decisions. We look at decision logic and leadership skills for supervisors.

  • Young Worker Training and Mentorship:

    Young Workers need to be cared for on the jobsite. Statistically, the accident rate among young workers is high and a company cannot calculate the emotional impact of a serious injury to a young worker. The cost is too high. After a recent fatality of a young worker at a B.C. lumber mill, the Chief Coroner has declared that young worker safety education must take a priority. The Coroner's Inquest recognizes that the new generation of workers learns differently from the old. This course explores the different learning styles of young workers and seeks their involvement in safety training. This course is designed for young workers and their supervisors. The purpose of this full day course is for young workers and their mentors to build an effective training program together.

  • Respect in the Workplace

    Addressing Workplace Harassment and Bullying
    Employers are required by provincial legislation to have policies and procedures in place to address Workplace Harassment and Bullying. In this course, we explore how to develop effective reporting procedures for your employees. We also explore the investigation process for Harassment and Bullying claims in order to achieve positive outcomes and to avoid painful and costly wrongful dismissal suits. Furthermore, we will create systems to de-escalate interpersonal conflict by setting respectful boundaries. This is a full day workshop.

  • Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee Training

    Work with us to create a customized training session for your safety committee. Safety Committees often struggle in key areas such as:

    • Hazard Assessments
    • Safety Program Documentation and Record Keeping
    • Inspections Process
    • Accident Investigation
    • Young Worker Safety
    • Creating a Committee Structure.

    We help your Committee work through areas of struggle with practical and relevant material based on your company's unique situation. The length of each course is based on your company's needs.

Auditing and Inspection services:

  • Safety Inspections:

    Safety Solutions at Work will conduct safety inspections of your organizations. If your organization requires an external inspection for your safety management system, our team will assist you. We can develop an inspection process, schedule and checklist tailored to your organization. Our team's experience include non-profit organizations, assisted living facilities, care homes, manufacturing

  • Certificate of Recognition

    COR is a monetary incentive program designed to reward companies who go beyond the basic requirements of WorksafeBC by implementing a comprehensive Health and Safety management system as well as an Injury Management/Return to Work program.

    Safety Solutions at Work can provide consulting services in order to prepare you for an external audit and can arrange external auditor services.

    ISO 9001: In addition to providing consulting services for Health and Safety, our team can analyse your Quality Assurance Management System based on the ISO 9001 standard.

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